Bowflex PR1000

Bowflex PR1000 – Home Strength For Starters

Bowflex have over 20 years experience in the sports equipment market. They have a very good name for their equipment with users and reviewers alike. Below we will focus on one of their home gym units in particular, the PR1000 Gym Unit.

Entry Level Bowflex

If you are choosing your first home gym, are tight on space at home, or you could be described as a casual exerciser then this unit would be a great choice. It is at the bottom end range of the bowflex price list, offers 30 different exercises, and folds away tidily when not in use.

It will help develop your chest, shoulders, back and arms as well as allowing you to carry out leg and abdominal exercises.

Bowflex unique technology

The bowflex range of exercise equipment differs from traditional manufacturers in that it incorporates resistance that does not rely on gravity as does free weight systems, or weight stack machines. They use trademarked technology known as ‘PowerRod’ and ‘SpiraFlex’. What these technologies do is to reduce inertia, so you cannot cheat your way through any exercise, but what it helps with is by reducing strain on your joints and tendons.

This makes their home gym units all safe to use while giving you the results you are looking for.

Features of this Bowflex Home Gym

As we have mentioned the machine offers over 30 different exercises, and to help with this you get triple function hand grips that are ideal for lateral pull-down exercise. A horizontal bench press. There is four inch cushioned rollers which you use for leg curl and leg extension exercises.

It also includes a folding rowing machine rail which adds an aerobic option to your exercising and is perfect for exercises such as leg presses, and seated leg extensions; it is also great for cardiovascular warm up and warm down, and calorie burning.

If you are short on workout space you can also fold this machine away when it is not in use. This entry level home gym allows weight resistance from as low as 5 lbs right up to 210 lbs so this should be more than sufficient for a beginner, or casual user. To help you along with your workout it also includes a workout placard which clearly displays workout details of the particular exercise you want.


foldingWe also briefly mentioned that this unit is foldable, so to give you an indication of the size when fully open, and ready for use it is 82 inches long, 38 inches wide and 82 inches high. It also has a maximum user weight of 300 lbs which should be sufficient for the majority of users. It is estimated that you would need a minimum of 100 inches (254 cm) x 78 inches (198 cm) as a workout area. Obviously the more space you have the better.

In conclusion, if you are looking to get started with a home gym unit, or feel you are a casual user who does not want to invest too much money then this unit is a perfect starter machine which incorporates the famous bowflex technology and build.

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