Bowflex PR1000 Review

Bowflex PR1000 Review – All You Need To Know About This Outstanding Home Gym

This article will look at an entry level home gym unit in this Bowflex PR1000 Review. It really is an excellent machine for beginners to home gym equipment, or for occasional exercisers. Solidly built, with the usual bowflex technologies incorporated, this machine gets high ratings in all of the review articles I have read. First let us look at the dimension of the machine.


Height: 82 inches

Length: 82 inches

Width: 38 inches

With regard to its size, one thing that was regularly mentioned in Bowflex PR1000 Review comments was that it can be folded away, and put into easy storage. While this may be really convenient, please don’t store it too far at the back of the closet because once you get used to working out with it you will be using it on a regular basis!

The next thing we will discuss which was not mentioned in many reviews of this product, but I feel is particularly important for beginners is that you should plan your workouts, think about what you should wear, and take serious consideration of warm-up and warm-down procedures.

Plan Your Workout And Exercise Regularly

It is really important to plan your workout as this not only puts structure to what you are doing but gives you a goal to aim for. Remember you can vary your workout both in length of time and intensity but it is recommended you start off slowly and build up gradually.

In this regard if you can aim to start exercising 3 times a week for around 20 minutes each time this will be a great starting point. It is also important that you dress correctly when working out at home. Think of it as if you are visiting a gym, and wear rubber-soled athletic shoes with appropriate exercise clothing which will allow you to move freely.

Stretching Before Your Workout

It is really important that before you start exercising that you stretch before starting. This will ensure that your muscles are warmed-up. This means they will respond better to exercise. Areas to concentrate on are your Achilles tendon, calf areas and quadriceps as well as hamstrings.

Going back to planning your workouts in advance, another important reason for this is that when you are coming to the end of your workout you can gradually reduce your exertions so you are not stopping suddenly. Stopping suddenly can cause injuries to your muscles.

Warming Down After Your Workout

product1The final thing to remember is that you should always warm-down when you have finished your exercise session again this is necessary to protect your muscles. While you are warming down take time to reflect on how the session went, what you enjoyed, what was not so good, and how you will approach things on your next session.

I hope this review has given you some food for thought. I am aware it does not concentrate solely on the machine, but I feel you can find such information in abundance, so thought I would put a different slant on this article.

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