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What To Look For, And Where To Buy The Best Home Gym Equipment To Date.

home gym equipmentWelcome to our website dedicated to everything Bowflex. Our aim is to cover all of the bowflex equipment available to give you, the consumer – an honest overview of what may or may not be best for your home exercise needs.

Anyone who is considering serious and regular work-outs at home will want to purchase the best home gym equipment available. That really goes without saying…

This may seem obvious and only common sense, but the choice available can be bewildering. Hopefully this article and this website will point you in the right direction.

I make no apology for plumping for the Bowflex home gym solutions. The reasons for this are many…

The company offers the best home exercise equipment money can buy. When it comes to such things as the best in design, the ease of use (and the exceptional functionality the product range offers), they won’t be beaten.

Add to this the fact they will help you achieve the work-out results you are looking for… They do this by providing comprehensive advice and information on each product. They also offer effective work-out routines for whichever piece of equipment you purchase.

The Devil Is In The Detail!

logoBowflex do not just churn out machines to suit a growing home exercise market, and you certainly cannot say they are jumping on the booming “exercise-at-home” bandwagon.

They have over 20 years of experience when it comes to manufacturing and marketing sports gym equipment. Over one million users have chosen their products!

Designed For Users By Users!

The Bowflex team understands what users want from a home work-out machine because they are users themselves. They have integrated some trademarked technology. This is exclusive to their brand and leaves them head and shoulders above the competition.

Reach Whatever Goals You Require

goalsWe all have different targets and goals to achieve when it comes to fitness. You may simply be interested in keeping trim or at the other end of the scale – you want some serious weight to lift, and perhaps you’ll need to train regularly to the extreme of your limits.

When you follow the Bowflex workouts the company offers, you can achieve whichever targets and goals you please at whatever pace you please.

We will take a look at just two of the more established home gyms in the company’s range. The reason for this is that there are two versions of each. So, if you have decided to go for a used Bowflex machine you will find plenty of these models available.

The Bowflex Ultimate and Bowflex Ultimate 2

bowflex ultimateThe Ultimate 2 machine replaced the original and highly respected Ultimate home gym. This is because the company is always looking to add features to their equipment.

While the original Ultimate is still very much in demand, the Ultimate 2 offers additional features. Dependent on your workout demands, you can choose either model with complete confidence.


At 82 inches tall, the original machine is just 1 inch taller than the new version. It is 4 inches wider and 2 inches shorter.

Please remember when you are purchasing any home exercise equipment, you should ensure you have enough space to work-out and be able to move around the equipment freely. The space you work out in should also be well-ventilated.


Both of these models come with an initial 310lbs of the company’s Power Rod resistance. You may upgrade at a later date to 410lbs of resistance. The difference is that the newer model offers a five-position pulley as opposed to a two-position one. This means that you do not have to re-position the cables as often on the later model.

Preacher Curl Bench

While several of the excellent options on both models are the same, the Ultimate 2 also comes with a preacher curl bench.


Both models come with a rowing option. This makes for a really flexible piece of equipment to have in your home.


Whether you choose the original model or the updated version, you can be assured of one thing; any Bowflex workout you complete on this versatile piece of equipment will maximize your exercise benefits.


The company is proud of the solid build of their equipment. They offer a lifetime warranty on the power rods and while the original machine comes with a 10 year limited warranty, the newer version offers a 12 year one. Hence the reason there is a healthy second-hand market for these robust home gyms.

bowflex extremeThe Bowflex Extreme and the Bowflex Xtreme 2

The best home gym in terms of company sales is the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE. This supersedes their excellent original ‘Extreme’ model.

While the original is still available, and many of the features are the same on both machines, we will concentrate on the Xtreme 2 SE model as it offers even more functions.

Change Exercises Quickly And Easily

When you are working out, one of the key things is to be able to change exercises quickly and easily. With the Xtreme 2 SE there is no cable changes required between exercises.

This machine allows you to move from squats to lateral exercises and then onto leg workouts without ever having to worry about changing cables. What it means in real terms is that you will not only save time, but you will keep your heart rate up as you proceed through your workout.

power rodPower Rod Resistance

This excellent piece of home equipment offers you 210lbs of Power Rod Resistance as standard. You may upgrade to 310lbs resistance at a later date.

This technology will feel as good, if not better than using free weights. An added advantage of this system is that you will not feel the inertia or risk any joint pain which is generally associated with free weights.

Multiple Cable/Pulley Positions

Bowflex have designed this machine to allow for a change in your angle of resistance. What this means is that you will increase the effectiveness of many exercises you carry out.

Here are a few more of the excellent options this machine gives you;

Lat Tower With Angled Lat Bar

Anyone looking to build back and shoulder muscles will really appreciate this integrated tower. It works on your back and shoulder muscles quickly and effectively.

4-Position Lower Pulley/Squat Station

When you are looking to build your glutes, hamstrings and quads, then this station is perfect for squats.

Leg Extension

Anyone in the market for muscular legs will really appreciate this leg extension. It will develop strong, muscular legs.

Abdominal Crunch Shoulder Harness

This is a brand new feature. The harness and ab pulley par will define and build strong abs.

Ergonomic seat

It is very important to be comfortable while working out. The Xtreme 2 SE offers an ergonomically adjustable seat with a Polyurethane cushion for added comfort. This provides back support when carrying out leg exercises, and knee support for lateral exercises.

Five-way Hand Grip / Ankle Cuffs

The company’s unique handgrip has been designed to give flexibility and add to your performance during any of the many exercises you undertake. Its functions include a Regular Grip. There is also a Non-Grip Cuff, Ankle Cuff, Foot Cuff and a Shoulder Cuff.

Other Bowflex home gyms

lat tower

While we have majored on the above, please understand there are other models available from the company. The Bowflex Power Pro range is one that should be strongly considered. In particular, the Bowflex XTL machine… This was one of the machines which helped establish the company in the home exercising market.

In fact, it is a totally flexible machine to use, offers a variety of attachments (as well as resistance upgrades), which will take you up to 410lbs. This is surely sufficient weight resistance for the vast majority of users.

However – all that being said, it does need a largish space in your home so be sure to check out all dimensions and the space you have available before purchase. If you do have enough space, this machine is perfect and comes fully recommended. Another advantage is that it can be folded and stored away easily after your workout is complete.

Can’t Be Beaten On Equipment!

The Bowflex range of home work-out equipment really is hard to beat. This is shown by the amount of loyal and return customers the company have. Their commitment to continuously evolving their range of products as well as introducing new products to the market is undeniable, and to top it all off – their customer support is second to none.

Can’t Be Beaten On Guarantees And Warranties

Bowflex offer warranties and guarantees which are the envy of other home gym suppliers. The reason they can offer such outstanding promises is because they have taken time in building solid, reliable and effective machines.


Their warranties are astonishing. Just chose the equipment you are looking for; find a compatible piece of equipment from another supplier and check-out the warranty difference. Bowflex will win hands down!

guaranteeGuarantee of satisfaction

They offer a guarantee on most of their equipment that is simple… If you do not like the machine for any reason whatsoever, you may return it within 6 weeks of purchase for a refund.

This shows the company has total confidence in their product line, and believe you will have too.

Looking For The Best – Follow The Bowflex Signs!

Whether you are looking for the best home gym equipment or any other in-house exercise product, then your first port of call should be Bowflex. You should definitely find what you are looking for… After all, over a million other people already have!

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